Vis Viva

“Explain why positive DNA – comparison results do not validate the guilt of the suspect.“

When I first stumbled across this task in an educational book about DNA chemistry, I didn’t realise that the answer had nothing to do with chemistry, but with fairness, ethics, or even morality.

Of course the suspect is not per se guilty after his or her DNA is proven to be the one which was found at the crime scene. It only has been proven that his or her DNA was there.

What this really means is that even the power of an invention has it’s limit, that even the smartest technology (in this case the technologies/inventions are PCR and gel electrophoresis) should be controlled by human beings with a distinct sense of fairness and justice, so they can decide whether this positive results prove the suspect’s guilt.

Well, where I see this supremacy of the human race threatened, is the digital area; algorithms have become supreme, for example in predictive policing, where policemen are sent to suspects before they commit a crime, to warn them that they are under surveillance. There, algorithms choose the suspects, not humans, and predictive policing is in common use, even in Germany. Some people forget that information delivered by technology itself can not prohibit a murder, that information delivered by technology itself can not prove the guilt of a suspect. Humans need to look behind the information technology gives them, they need to distinguish false and correct data.

The world information level, and also the world’s false information level increases rapidly through the years. And as you saw it this summer in Turkey, the revolution will be televised. The ones who control the media and the information about the subject, control the world and the power to say, what is true, what is false.

Therefore, I find it very good that in this educational book about DNA chemistry, the reader gets this little hint, in a sense of Hey, make up your mind, technology and it’s delivered information is not sacrosanct. Move, go outside, see behind walls, draw closer, find each other, and feel.

That is the purpose of life, given into subliminal, by this educational book.


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